Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Midnight - 1AM: What Would Che Do?

Initially I wanted to make this sculpture four weeks ago and leave it outside my apartment during the later half of the election. However this being election night I was far too late. I tested it in front of my apartment anyways. Not bad. But it could be in a better location.

Sometime after midnight I phone my friend Jeff. Jeff being the only one I knew in Ottawa who would be: a) still awake at midnight and b) possibly willing to make a trip to Parliment Hill with me. Jeff's new motto is "What Would Che Do?" so he felt this adventure was a must.

As we approach the Hill we see a police cruiser in front (as always, I guess). So we initally place the sculpture on the sidewalk in front of the hill. Jeff does the honors.

I pose for one as well...


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